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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  December 27, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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get them to look at the tapes if they see him. how is he? is he distraught?" her father wallace spent 20 years in the army. he was a master sergeant. since he got sick...miriam says he's not the same man she's known her whole life. he's a man who needs her 084008 "being naive in this frail state or being so trusting of people. he's the kind of person who would let anybody near him" without his medicine..wallace is in fatal danger so the search is time sensitive. miriam says whether he's alive or dead...her father deserves a proper ending. 084335 "i need to see him, i need to find him, i need to bury him." wallace was last seen in a silver nissan sentra with license plate phb0488. if you see the car, the family urges you to call police. red rock search and rescue teams weren't out looking today...but they're ready to go if metro makes the call. reporting live...david
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an action news update tonight we're learning more about the two people killed in an overnight crash near charleston and decatur. the victims have been identified as 31-year-old "deshawn walker" ....and 27- year-old "jose santiago"... we're also finding out they hit two light poles before they came to a stop....back on the roadway. this all happened just after 11 o clock last night. metro says speed appears to be a factor.... but the crash is still under investigation. this crash makes the 123rd death on valley roads in metro's jurisdiction this year. a hiker who was killed after falling at red rock canyon has been identified as 25-year-old "brian william tracy"... of spokane, washington. authorities say tracy was climbing yesterday morning when he fell more than 100 feet into a gully. recue efforts were hindered by high winds and rough weather. police are searching for two suspects who they say ....shot a man near the stratosphere. police believe it started as a
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according to investigators.....sus pects held up the victim... shooting him twice, once in the head, once in the ankle. despite his wounds, the victim was able to make it to a nearby 7-11 store....where he asked the clerk to call police. that's not all though.... police say he somehow managed to take the gun from the suspects also. metro now has that weapon as evidence. a developing story tonight tens of millions of americans are in the danger zone tonight - as a massive weather system moves across the country. storms overnight turned deadly - killing at least eleven people in the dallas-fort worth area. abc's jim ryan is in texas tonight with the latest. natsot - "that's it, oh my god that's it!?that's a tornado!!" pure panic as the storm roared in - under cover of night. power line flashes and lightning revealing the massive tornadoes as they tore into texas. natsot - "oh my god - did you see that? oh my god!" after the twisters passed - even in the dark it was clear? the
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natsot - "it's completely gone dude. completely. there's nothing left." sot - ian mccroan?? "i looked out the window and saw the funnel // just dove into the hallway." sot - becky drain "it was spinning right towards us // all you hear is debris hitting the house and hitting the house and hitting the house." sot - tony hickman?? "just thankful to be alive." by daylight - the scope of the devastation - unbelievable. house after house. neighborhood after neighborhood. town after town. ripped into tiny pieces. natsot - "this is the restroom where we all hid." this family in rowlett, texas emerged to find the roof collapsed in every room of the house - except the bathroom where they were hiding. natsot - "three kids, three adults." for others? being away at holiday parties - saved lives. sot - mos "i was devastated, cause everything we own was in the trailer? christmas. everything is gone. we're just here to salvage what we can." sot - mos "i just want to find some of the memory stuff. everything else can be replaced." the system igniting
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stretching from southern texas - to the canadian border. bringing everything from and now, those crippling blizzard conditions - are moving into eastern texas. more severe weather that this battered state does not need. jim ryan, abc news, , texas. action news is tracking the latest weather developments. here's a live look outside, where temperatures have been down right frigid. action news chief meteorologist brian scoffield has a look at what we can expect. bryan? a developing story out of
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where anger and frustration continue after police shot and killed a 19- year-old black man while responding to a 9-1-1 call this weekend. caught in the gunfire - a 55-year- old mother, who also died.
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calls for justice today - in the death of bettie jones? a 55-year-old mother. sot - jacqueline walker / jones' friend "why you got to shoot first and ask questions later?!" jones' family wants to know why she died - from a chicago police bullet. the mother of five opened her door as cops confronted 19-year-old college student quintonio legrier. sot - jahmal cole / victim's nephew "while i'm tempted to feel hate for all chicago police officers - // i think we've gotta show the police officers and family a lot of compassion." police say jones was "accidentally" and "tragically killed." officiers were responding to a domestic disturbance call at legrier's home? a two-story house shared with jones. the teen reportedly threatened his father with a bat. sot - janet cooksey, mother of victim "seven times my son was shot. // this has to stop, no mother should have to bury her child. no mother." nats? this shooting sparking new protests against already beleagered police and city officials. two days ago - protests shut down parts of the magnificent mile - the high-end shopping
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the demonstration part of the backlash against other deadly police shootings - including black teen laquan mcdonald. sot - betty turner / quintonio legrier's great aunt "if you afraid of these streets so much that you got to shoot first - you got to turn your badge in." so far, mayor rahm emanuel has resisted calls to resign. responding to the deaths of jones and legrier, he released this statement: (gfx) "anytime an officer uses force, the public deserves answers, and regardless of the circumstances, we all grieve anytime there is a loss of life in our city." sot - ja'mal green / protestor "i want the mayor to understand - this is a message to you: you failed us in tonight's red, white and blue 2016 political coverage. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is making a campaign stop in las vegas tomorrow. he spent this afternoon....
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the vermont senator will hold his las vegas event at canyon springs high school ...that's on alexander and fifth. it all starts at 6:30 p-m. now for a story that's positively las vegas comedy-magic duo penn and teller are asking you to donate blood now through this friday at select united blood services locations. here's the best part. aside from making las vegas a better place to live.. you'll also get two free tickets to penn and teller's show. you'll find the locations to give blood on our website, denver bronco's legendary quarterback peyton manning is on the hot seat tonight. this, after being implicated in an illegal doping ring. how he's responding to the allegations. a contact 13 consumer alert tonight fiat chrysler is recalling nearly half-a-million vehicles due to faulty wiring.
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authorities in california have arrested a man they say doused a woman with gasoline and burned her to death.... during a domestic dispute on christmas day.... in pomona. 51-year-old clarence dear was arrested this morning on a bus in pasadena.
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of pomona. he's jailed on 1 million dollars bail. investigators say dear and 41-year-old dawn hensley got into a fight on friday afternoon and he chased her from their home...doused her with gasoline and set her on fire, possibly using a lit cigarette. hensley later died at the hospital. a developing story tonight an upcoming documentary implicates quarterback and n-f- l legend.... peyton manning... in an illegal doping ring . the al jazeera report alleges ... manning and other athletes received "human growth hormone" from an anti-aging clinic. the report claims that this all took place back in 2011 as manning was recovering from neck surgery. a former employee claims the h-g-h was sent to manning under his wife's name. the pharmacist later recanted his story, saying he made it all up. needless to say, manning was not happy with the accusations. peyton manning "it's completely fabricated, complete trash, garbage, there's more adjectives i'd like to be able to use. it really makes me sick, makes me sick, makes me sick that it
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medical history, her medical privacy being violated, that make me sick. i don't understand that." the clinic employee told e-s-p-n that he made-up information about manning to test the knowledge of a man who turned out to be an investigative reporter. the n-f-l did not start testing for h- g-h until last year. so far no players have tested positive. a texas judge shot and wounded last month outside her home in austin is out of the hospital. julie kocurek is the presiding district court judge for travis county. she was attacked after returning home from a football game november 6th. no motive or suspect has been named in the case. however, a 28-year-old houston man...already in custody on an unrelated murder charge.. is listed as a person of interest in the shooting. a short scare for passengers aboard a flight headed from new york to florida. passengers on spirit airlines flight 197... were evacuated yesterday morning because of smoke.
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preparing for takeoff, when passengers started seeing smoke coming from the left side of the plane. no one was hurt but passengers say there was a panic onboard when they were told to leave. the srange part: fire crews weren't actually able to find any smoke. the airline says there were reports of sparks seen from the electrical unit when that plane spirit airlines worked to rebook those passengers to get them on their way to florida. a developing story out of the middle east tonight in iraq, government troops say they are now in full control of the central government compound in ramadi. the hard-fought victory comes after intense fighting. iraqi soldiers have defused a large number of bombs and rescued more than one hundred families who were trapped by the combat. isis had been using that location as their main stronghold in the city. the militants are said to have fled the complex. the governor of new mexico has declared a state of emergency in her state. this, as a massive snowstorm has blanketed a good portion of new mexico.
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for all of eastern new mexico. the winter storm has so far dumped up to 21 inches of snow in some areas. which is closed from east albuquerque to the texas state line. officials say more than ten thousand homes are without power in eastern new mexico. governor susana martinez's emergency order activates the national guard to help stranded drivers. that white christmas came a couple of days late for parts of oklahoma. a nasty mix of wintry precipitation left highways and bridges dangerously slick in crews have been out in force clearing, salting and sanding various roads, and several highways have been shut down. officials are warning of black ice urging residents to stay off the roads. flooding has of other roadways inundated with high water.
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breaking news now. dramatic video just into our newsroom. this car was on the 15 this evening. nhp says it just caught fire. no one was hurt. here's that car now. the right line of i-15 is closed near silverado ranch. we have consumer alert from contact 13. sprint and verizon customers may have unclaimed money waiting for them.. but there's a deadline to
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both wireless carries are paying customers back for unauthoriezed third- party messages.. scores. they're refunding 158- million dollars. current and former subscribers who paid for unauthorized texts beginning july 1st, 20-10 can file a request. verizon and sprint both have online claim forms. fiat chrysler is recalling nearly 450-thousand suvs. they include more than 350-thousand jeep grand cherokees and dodge durangos sold between 2011 and 2012 which contain faulty wiring in the vanity mirror. the other involves more than 93- thousand 2015 jeep compass and patriot suvs because a clamp may be out of position. 'star wars... the force awakens'.... wasted no time breaking box office records when it opened this month. and today it hit yet another milestone.... earning a billion dollars in global sales... faster than any film in history. the film took just 12 days to hit the billion dollar mark,
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record holder... 'jurassic world.' it also scored a record.... for christmas day... box office sales.. on friday. and those records were broken all without china's help... the film has yet to open in china, the second biggest film market in the world. the chinese will have to wait til january 9th for the vegas in may.... but now that could be in jeopardy. jackson announced that she's putting her "unbreakable" world tour on hold.... so she can have surgery. she didn't give any information about the procedure but said the tour will be postponed until spring. she does plan to reschedule all of the dates and told fans to hold onto tickets. jackson is scheduled to perform in the brand new... "las vegas arena" on may 14th. there's no official word if that date will change. we'll be right back with a final check on your forecast from bryan. you're watching channel 13 action news... where you ask and we
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at 7 -- america's funniest home video's at 8 -- the first of four straight episodes of the muppets. at 10 -- shark tank at 11 -- action news thank you for joining us... we'll be back for action news
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welcome to "world news tonight." the most powerful twister to hit 11 killed. hundreds left without homes. >> it's a tornado! >> the force ripping off roofs, sending trucks flying. tonight, the massive winter storm on the move. 80 million americans in its path. trying to get home tonight? brace yourself. under fire. the new police shooting sparking outrage tonight. >> why you got to shoot first and ask questions later? >> chicago police killing a teenager and his neighbor, too, a mother of five. why police in a city already on edge say this was an accident. firing back. one of the nfl's most popular quarterbacks, lashing out. accused of doping. yt
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about these allegations.
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